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Peria Naturals® is a small family-owned company—brain scientist, brain surgeon, and two beautiful children—based in Carlsbad, Southern California.

As a brain scientist and brain surgeon couple with a combined 40 cumulative years in our fields, we’ve worked at prestigious research and clinical institutions, developing groundbreaking tools to combat brain and body ailments of all kinds.

We’ve studied and tested solutions to the most critical diseases (including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, and Dementia, Brain Inflammation in HIV) and committed ourselves to remain on the cutting edge of new information and ideas. We’re proud to say that prestigious scientific and clinical journals have published our research findings and inspired other scientists and doctors to join the fight against diseases.

Our line of work, intense 80-hour weeks, is not out of the ordinary. Despite demanding professions, however, we value thriving in our personal lives.

We’re raising two wonderful daughters, ages 8 and 18, and keep a busy calendar packed with activities, trips, and leisure with family and friends. Parenting, as any mother or father can attest, is also an incredibly demanding full-time job.

As you may have guessed, we know a thing or two about the need to establish a work-life balance, keep a steady head, and face each task with plenty of focus.
We’ve searched high and low for supplements that would empower us to be productive professionally, parent attentively, remains healthy, and still have the energy for a social life. And yes, we tried them all.

After failing to find any that could meet our rigorous standards, we decided to create our own.


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First, we formulated BRAINTAIN.

Because holistic wellness is so important to us, we committed to using only high-quality, scientifically-backed, toxin-free ingredients from the best sources. Each of our products is manufactured in exceptionally qualified FDA approved facilities.

Our first-ever product, BRAINTAIN, took over 2 years to formulate, with constant revisions based on the continuous evolution of scientific, nutritional, and pharmaceutical information available to us, which came directly from seasoned colleagues.

During the formulation process, we utilized not only our extensive know-how on brain function and health, but also the ancient wisdom of traditional medicine, which has been practiced for over 3000 years.

After trying the supplement ourselves and distributing samples to eager friends and family, we realized we’d created something truly life-changing.

The feedback was exceptional. The encouraging results were pouring in.  And thus, BRAINTAIN came to be.

Braintain Holistic Supplement
Braintain Holistic Supplement



We live in times where our health is constantly challenged by environmental toxins and pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses. It merely is not sufficient to care for the mind without caring for the body. Our immune system protects our bodies. Our immune system is our bodies’ first line of defense and helps us ward off colds, flu, and pathogens such as bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Therefore, a robust immune system provides a strong defense against diseases.

To complete the “Mind & Body” care, we formulated our EMERGENCY IMMUNE SUPPORT for over a year and tested it for another year. Finally, convinced that our product could provide a real benefit for reinforcing the immune system, we started production in California.

But let’s be clear: No supplement can replace disease prevention through regularly washing your hands, keeping social distancing, wearing masks, vaccinations, and leading a healthy lifestyle. As the name says, they can only support your health-conscious lifestyle by supplementing immune-relevant micronutrients.

Supplements are no miracle “drugs” and cannot replace a healthy lifestyle. Prevention is the best cure. Therefore, our supplements can support your disease prevention goal through a well-balanced diet, plenty of exercise, current hygiene recommendations, and stress management.

Emergency Immune Supplement
Emergency Immune Supplement




The Future:

Preventive health management through a healthy lifestyle combined with effective and high-quality supplements will be more critical than ever in the future.

Therefore, we have several new products in the pipeline that will come to you soon. Stay tuned.

Thank you for sparing the time to read our story and for your support in the past years.

Dr. D


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